Renewable Energy

Opportunities and operating models for wind, solar, geothermal, biopower and oceanic renewable energy in Asia, Europe, the Americas and globally.

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Marketbuzz is your single-source reference across the entire value chain: from polysilicon manufacturing to policy development. It is the most comprehensive guide available for the global solar industry.


The Small/Medium FPD Maker Strategy Report is the industry’s first flat panel display research specifically focused on small/medium display manufacturer’s technologies and market strategies, with a focus on smartphone and automotive displays.


Identify wind, solar and geothermal potential in this regional market – poised to represent US$10 billion in annual renewable investment by 2020. Helps utilities, developers and OEMs assess regulatory hurdles, opportunities and renewable power demand.


Market study and data pack that examines high-growth solar PV deployment opportunities in nascent and scaling markets across five regions. Pertinent to all PV value chain stakeholders seeking new market opportunities.


This 206-page study examines government policies and market activity that have galvanized the high-voltage transmission sector. Helps utilities, IPPs and developers with competitive positioning, innovative ownership models and creative financing.


Comprehensive report on biopower potential in Europe, its impact on international pellet trade, and procurement strategies of utilities, IPPs and developers. Helps energy firms evaluate biopower technologies and development opportunities.


This report examines the global offshore wind industry’s “make or break” state. Long-term forecasts and deep supply chain analysis help energy, technology and developer firms unlock possibilities in this high-risk, high-reward sector.


Access long-term insight into the global wind turbine market, including supply, demand, pricing, technology, orders and product data. Essential reading to secure competitive positioning in this dynamic market.


A 140-page O&M market guide. Educates OEMs and service providers on innovative offerings, business models and the future of this evolving market, which is expected to double yearly expenditures by 2025 to service aging wind energy infrastructure.


This 138-page report analyzes Asian wind turbine supply from regional and global perspectives. Assists OEMs and turbine suppliers with business strategy, product development and competitive positioning.


Bottom-up analysis of shifting European solar PV market trends, drivers and competitive positioning. Helps developers, system integrators and utilities strategize and find openings in this fluctuating yet tight market.


This 198-page study examines the companies, pricing, technology and market trends driving today’s global PV solar value chain. Helps energy, technology and developer firms identify cost-cutting, revenue-maximizing measures.

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